Wednesday, July 1, 2015

USA or Motherland India - The Debate Continues....

I just came back from Boston with a lot of pleasant memories. Met with some great Indian friends settled there. They have done well. We feel in awe to hear a rags to riches story and I met many this time who have lived it after moving to the US.
One debate continues... Those who settled in the US having strong view on why India is bad to live; and people like me who have come back (surrendering my green card) from the US having strong views on why I enjoy life in India more than the opulent / comfortable life of the US. I had thought of not engaging myself in this debate but when I heard only negatives being talked about India, I was not able to resist sharing the goodness of India that people are not able to / willing to see. May be, both sides want to justify their decisions by having some strong feelings about the alternative they have rejected. In the core of their hearts, they might be wanting to come back to their motherland; and may be I feel I should have stayed back.
After a lot of introspection on my return flight, I felt that those who have stayed back should focus on the reasons that inspires them to stay in the US leaving their families and legacy behind; and we who have returned should focus on what India offers that no other country can. There is no need to find faults in the other side of the fence to justify which side we have chosen.
What do you think ?

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