Friday, June 5, 2015

Will reading Gita / Bible / Quoran Benefit You ?

Joy Mantra of the day (mental note from some discourse I had heard):
A man goes to a master and asks "Would reading Gita (or Bible or Quran) help me with my life's problems and make me happy? "
The master gave a beautiful reply, "Gita / Bible / Quran" for sure has science of how to be happy in them. Now it depends on you if you are ready to benefit from reading those books? "
For me the learning was that we should not just ignore Ancient Wisdom that has survived test of time; nor we should just accept it blindly. We need to deploy CBI and then decide if we are in a position to benefit from the wisdom.
P.S.: CBI stands for Curious Bold Inquiry. Curious - with the intent to expand our horizon not to just criticize; Bold - be receptive to the outcome / learning however different it is from our existing views; and Inquiry - is a systematic investigation or search for knowledge.
Have a Joyful Day !!!

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