Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Living in NOW

While diving for pearls of Ancient Wisdom, I found a poem expressing inspirational feelings of Sun Dial:

The shadow that my finger casts
Divides the future from the past
Behind its never returning line's course
The vanished hour, is no longer yours.
In front of it lies the unknown hour,
In darkness and beyond your power.
One hour alone is in your hands,
The NOW on which the shadow stands.

The poem also brings back memory of a couplet written by Shri Atal Bihari Vajpai ji:
Kal-Kal karte Aaj haath se nikle saare
Bhoot-Bhavishyat ki chinta mein; Vartmaan ki baazi haare !!!

(Living in yesterday and tomorrow; the Todays are slipping out of your hands
Worrying about the future and the past; you are are losing the battle of the PRESENT)  

Live you life to the fullest in NOW !!! Who knows "Kal Ho Na Ho :) " 

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