Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Degradation of Values and Our Future

One thought is very close to my heart - "It is the degradation of inner values that is causing the destruction of outer environment". Please give it a thought. All unfortunate events that we see today (or we ourselves cause) are a result of degradation of inner values.
Nurturing of Values in a society has two dimensions - first, the right values need to be inculcated in the growing minds (and by the way it is proven that our mind grows beyond 75 years, Ref: Neuro-plasticity);  we need to make sure wrong values do not corrupt the growing minds. 
With parents getting busy and grand-ma; grand-pa living in a distant town; the tradition of moral story telling to kids is vanishing. The story telling these days mostly is through television or video-games; which are mostly oriented towards getting kids hooked on to junk-food and toys representing violent or romantic characters. 
As we grow up, we get exposed to more television and movies that will test anyone's determination of living a virtuous life. I fail to understand purpose of Big-boss and similar shows; and item-numbers in movies. The only contribution they can make is erosion of values.   
If money, education or power could compensate for lack of values so many of known, rich, highly educated and powerful people will not be sitting behind bar losing all the respect they had earned. 
So what then helps to build a society with values; and how can values be protected / nurtured in increasingly vicious environment? 

As there is no single answer, I am leaving this as a open question for you to provide your thoughts and view on "How to build virtuous India and how to prevent degradation of inner values"?    

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Manohar - Rishi said...

Dear Arunji,
It has been a concern of every single Indian now. This is a very important issue that you have touched upon. I can see sense of deep fear on face of parents of kids who are exposed to programs and games which is incessantly distorting the moral values which i believe is foundation on which society at large can remain in harmony. Blind pursuit of wealth leads all of us compromise with more essential things like values, ethics, peace, happiness and trust. People are busy making the world a so-called better place at the expense of their own existence.