Wednesday, January 9, 2013

arunb's Golden Nugget: Triple Filter Test to Live in the Excellence Zone

This week's Golden Nugget comes from Ancient Wisdom of Socrates.

Referring to the popular saying "Silence is Golden", once a disciple asked Socrates, when shall one speak. Socrates replied that everyone should apply a triple filter test before speaking anything.

First filter is the filter of "Truthfulness" i.e. what you are saying it is absolutely true? If you are not certain then you will end up promoting something untrue. Many times we keep promoting hearsay without knowing the truth.

Second filter is the filter of "Pleasantness". What you are going to say, is it pleasant?  This filter eliminates empty remarks and vain statements made to hurt others or just spoken for no reason in idleness.

Third filter is the filter of "Usefulness". Is the statement we are going to make benefits the listener? Will our words bring comfort and joy to someone?

If what you want to say does not pass this Triple-Filter Test i.e. it is not true, not pleasant and of no use, then those words are better unspoken.  Only the words that are carrier of truth, provide comfort to someone and result in some benefit to the listener; are worth speaking.

Triple-Filter Test not only create extra time for desirable activities, it also helps in maintaining peace of mind as well as healthy relations with others. I invite you to reflect on this golden nugget and use triple filter test to live in the Excellence Zone. 


Anonymous said...

The world would be a better place to live if every one follows this simple rule of applying this test before he/she speaks

S.Gnyana Sundar

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