Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Spirit of Learning

This week’s Golden Nugget is inspired by Buddha. Very often we start following routines and form habits. Over a period of time these habits lose meaning behind them yet we keep reacting to the new challenges of life - in the old ways.
Buddha in one of his sermons said, “Do not believe what you have heard; do not believe in doctrines because they have been handed down to you of generations; do not believe in anything because it followed by many and majority; do not believe in the truth to which you have become attached by habit; have deliberations and analyze; and when the result agrees with reason and is conducive to the good of one and all, accept it and live unto it.”
When we hear motivational talks, there is very little that we already didn’t know. What is spoken is universal truth; and what differs is how the information is made relevant to the audience and made sticky so we can remember it when in need. Yet, most of us forget about these collected words of wisdom when we need them the most. This is because we only collect information and seldom deliberate on it or internalize it to make it part of our wisdom pool. The value of knowledge is when it is put to practice for the good of self and humanity.
In summary, Spirit of Learning is in being curious to acquiring new information, deliberating to get relevant wisdom out of it; and utilizing the wisdom by putting it to practice. Let us watch ourselves if we can put this golden nugget to practice J

Wishing you a very happy Vijay Dashami !

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