Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Intelligence Trap

This week’s golden nugget comes from Edward De Bono’s views on responsibility of being Intelligent.
There are some aspects of a high intelligence that become a sort of trap.
A person with a high intelligence can take a position on a subject and then use their intelligence to defend that position very ably. The better the defense of the position the less does that person see any need to consider alternatives or listen to others. That is not good thinking.
Someone who has grown up with the realization that he or she is more intelligent than most people around wants to get the best reward for being so intelligent. The quickest and best reward is to prove other people wrong. This is a risk-free demonstration of superiority. It is also relatively easy.
An intelligent person takes in information quickly and can reach a conclusion in a short time. A less intelligent person has to wait to take in more information and may, occasionally, reach a better conclusion.
Like the engine of a motor car, intelligence is a potential. There may be a fast car with rather a bad driver. There may be a more humble car with a better driver. Intelligence Trap is like the driver of a fast motor car getting into bad driving habits. We just need to be aware of the trap and ensure that we do not get caught into it. 

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