Monday, January 23, 2012

Inner Transformation not just IT

Building Ethical Organizations
In a list of top-5 revolutions of the last 10 years, I think IT revolution would be high up there. We feel proud to boast that now India has more billionaires and more people becoming millionaires per month than ever before. But below these hefty headlines; news of mass human suffering gets buried. Youngsters in the late 20's or early 30's dying of heart attack, leaving behind millions they amassed. Some people amassing billions and revered like incarnation of god; slipping on their moral grounds and now spending their lives in jails. The alarming rate of suicides being committed; growing number of divorces; and worst of all - India become diabetic, cardiovascular disease and hypertension capital of the world - a title none would want to retain.

Focusing my thoughts on the corporations - Companies are constantly battling to bring the best in the employees and providing training and IT tools; but I think it is time for us to think of another IT revolution i.e. "Inner Transformation" to make this world a better place. And at an individual level, making our lives more joyful.

We need to initiate a new thought process in the organizations. We often try to induce (or force) behavioral changes through carrot and stick in team members; without doing anything about the foundation of change, which I think is a person’s attitude and deep rooted desires / motivations / limitations. Although, it is hard for someone else to change a person’s attitude; but we can invoke thinking of change and inspire people to introspect and spark in then an Inner-Transformation. Once people connect with their deep rooted purpose and their actions are inspired by inner values - I believe people will live lives of prosperity with joy, organizations will become ethically successful, and this world a better place to live.

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vb_sap said...

Hi Arun (Sunny),

I totally agree with you regarding Inner Transformation.

I realized it after started practicing Buddhism (WWW.SGI-USA.ORG) 14 yrs back and saw the change in me gradually over the period of time. It's daily battle between good and evil inside us. And most important, how you apply these principals in your daily life and always remember, Words, Thoughts and Deeds all are important.

I am proud of you.

Warm Regards,


Arun Bhardwaj said...

Dear Shri Arun,
Just now read your mail.but,your blog cannot be accessed due to some problem in the computer.Despite that,my help and co-operation in your mission is guaranteed to you.What everybody,esp.our youngsters who collapse early in their youth,require is mental or mind management,based on ethics and morality,that is,our ancient Sanskaras.The TV culture has shattered our social fabric and nobody is welcome in anybody's house,as the TV timetable does not allow us to care for our near and dear ones.Almost everybody is so much engrossed in the TV that there is no other world to care for.Even we have no time to look to our own self,peep into it and try to reform it.Our busy schedule prevents us from all the joy of life as we are having a rat-race and are not able to disentangle us from that.We have no time for Personal Inner Management or for Personal Integrated Management,That is the tragedy of our life,as we are following the western idea of affluence,with least concern for mental peace.Our rat-race does not allow us that luxury(?) of looking at our own self/mind and try to listen to it.This has created the problem of stress,tension-leading to break-down in early years of our physical age, because we have not made mental management our priority in life.I think,everybody should read Swami Vivekanand for character building and man-making,which will enable us to be citizens in the true sense of the term,caring for the common man and his problems and trying to help him come out of it with our human and humane approach and sympathy-not lip-sympathy,but,total commitment to the cause of bahujanahitaya and bahujanasukhaya-the ideal of the Lord Buddha.
I hope,this is sufficient for the time being.
Rest when we meet.
With thanks and regards,

Arun Bhardwaj said...

Dear Arun
An excellent article on inner transformation for building an ethical corporation. Since I have worked in Tata Group I would like to give my two bit here

1. It must come from top.
2. Profits should not be the only KPI for progress in organization. Along with that should come innovation, respect for ethical rules, motivation to achieve results without crossing boundaries, work life balance, congenial but business oriented work environment and finally practice of inner transformation in a collaborative manner.
3. Corporate Social responsibility with focus on environment and social uplift of downtrodden, education and support employment generation through subcontract to local SMEs after training them.

All these will bring inner transformation in a measured but sure footed way.

Vasudev Avadhani

Arun Bhardwaj said...

Dear Arun,
You have really pointed out the real cause of stress and tension in the day to day life of common man. We all are facing such problems and we are working aimlessly( without goal) , just to earn money. And maximum people want to spend this money to buy home and car. But we don't spend this money for noble cause and we are inviting tensions after holding a huge amount of money. Although everybody know this fact but don't want to understand it.
Please suggest us the remedies and your whole plan to make our life beautiful. I also wish to know that how I can join you, or what type of role I can play in this good cause. You can also discuss with me about it through telephone call.
Thank you

Bindu Viswanath said...

Dear Arun,

Just read your article on Inner Transformation.Interesting. I would like to share my view on this. The basic cause for the general decline of human values, health etc is the craving mentality to earn wealth.IT Revolution is just a catalyst to this reaction.As Bhagavad Geeta says""Just as a fire is covered by smoke and a mirror is obscured by dust, just as the embryo rests deep within the womb, wisdom is hidden by selfish desire."

Every human being /organization has this selfish desire to achieve more wealth,fame which inturn is effecting the quality of life one has. If we can remove this selfishness from our mind, happiness,peace of mind etc will automatically bubble in our mind. That is the ultimate thing an individual requires !

With Regards,
Bindu Viswanath