Sunday, October 16, 2011

Micro Enlightenment2: Overcoming FEAR

It is said that opposite of Love is Fear. Like love, fear also is a complex emotion. Where as Love is the emotional bridge connecting universal entities; fear creates separation and hurdles. Therefore, I treat Love as a propelling force to connect with someone or something; where as Fear being the obstacle our mind creates in the progress path. FEAR for me is an abbreviation i.e. "False Evidences Appear Real". Being an practitioner of positive attitude and positive thinking, I don't allow fear to paralyze me. One needs to be aware of one's fears and through acquiring skills and knowledge confront them. I am circumspect not fearful. The difference is that I do risk management but do not allow fear to stop me in my journey (in any dimension). To progress on the path of desired success, one has to be courageous. As the popular saying goes, "Courage is not the absence of fear but confidence that fear can be overcome". Developing a capability to handle fear has also helped me overcome many stresses of life.

For me, one of the techniques to fight fear is "Planning the response to the worst case scenario"; because once you have planned response to the worst case scenario, only better can happen to you. Once again, I am not suggesting that we should spend hours on thinking about worst case scenario, but just giving a thought "What is worst that can happen to me and how I am going to response if it does happen?". Also, I only use worst case scenario technique if my intuition suggests that even after positive thinking and positive attitude I need to be bit more circumspect.
What I have suggested here is working well for me a made my Quality of Life (QoL) much better. I wish that you also experience Joyful Living by experimenting and internalizing these thoughts.

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Soni said...

I can see the silence happening in this medhod. When we imagine the worst case scenario,our mind drops the scary thought,and so the silence... which brings the healing energy and so we feel victorious.