Monday, October 10, 2011

BMI: Body, Mind & Intellect Integration for Peak Performance

BMI: Body, Mind & Intellect Integration for Peak Performance

Before I share my thoughts on how to achieve Peak Performance with Body, Mind & Intellect integration; let me define these terms to set the right context. Body is the most obvious physical entity that is a finite manifestation of the infinite capabilities that we possess. This entity also represents all the organs including our brain. Mind is a dynamic concept that represents continuous flow of thoughts. Among other things, the thoughts originate out of our beliefs and attitude. Our thoughts are the basis of any action we do. So we interact with the universe through our actions which originates as a thought in our Mind. And finally, Intellect is the capability to govern the Mind so the actions taken are ethical and in accordance with our values. The process of ‘birth’ ensures that we have Body & Mind as well as basic intellect (instinct) to survive in the world; but to exploit complete human potential and to achieve Peak Performance; one needs to enhance Intellect by transforming observation & learning into wisdom through contemplation & internalization. In simple words, what we learn, we need to internalize and act in accordance with the new knowledge.

Our challenge is that we never live in NOW with Body, Mind and Intellect at the same place at the same time. We keep regretting about the past (our Body is in present but Mind in the past), which only erodes our energy and weakens our potential with no results as we cannot change past. If we are not dwelling in the past; we are anxious about the future. Once again, we keep worrying about what have not happened and may never happen. If not in past and future; we stay excited about the present (worrying about how many things we have to do etc.). The result is, we never live our present joyfully. We are never in our NOW, enjoying what we have to the fullest. Similarly, our Intellect is also mostly absent in these conversations. If Intellect was governing as it is supposed to be, it should bring mind and body in-synch NOW. We discuss our office problems and boss with our wife; we discuss our home challenges and wife with our friends. As a result the problems are not resolved and we are not doing our best.

The need is to be aware of Body, Mind and Intellect; and Intellect’s role to govern the mind so we can enjoy whatever we are doing. A very simple idea; when you eat your next meal, enjoy the texture, the taste, the aroma of food and whatever else you can; without thinking of anything other than the food and the process of eating – bringing your Body, Mind and Intellect together. When I did that, I had a meditational experience. Let me know your experience.

We just need to be In NOW to be In Joy. And when you do anything while in Joy; you are likely to perform at your peak capacity.

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