Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sept 11, 2011: WisdomXchange - A Spark with the power to illuminate humanity...

On Sept 11, 2011 when people were remembering how world changed for worse ten years ago in New York; a group of friends met in a warehouse in Bangalore to ignite a spark of a positive social change. The idea was simple yet profound - "WisdomXchange to Transform Our Lives".  It was not preaching, it was sharing. Everyone picked up something from others. And that is how the first session of "WisdomXchange" left us all enriched. For me personally, meeting new friends was exhilarating, and being able to touch their lives - pure joy. Our primary focus was not letting acquired knowledge ferment and evaporate but internalize it and use it for our own and societal good. 

It all beings with thought. An evil thought can cause destruction, where as a noble thought can create joyful wonders. We hope that "WisdomXchange" will help people connect with each other at human level by wisdom sharing, and compassion & caring. 

Looking forward to more such fantastic "WisdomXchange" sessions and to meet more such wonderful people. 

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