Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Emotional Intelligence 101

I was curious to know more about Emotional Intelligence and found it very interesting. So thought of sharing some key ideas with all...
Emotional Intelligence is being aware of your emotions as well as emotions of others you are interacting with; and using emotional awareness for making informed decisions or initiating actions. The emotional state you are in & what you are thinking at any time can affect your response to an unrelated event. Your response depends on your state of mind. So it does for others too. It is important to understand your own emotional state as well as emotional state of others to have a productive interaction with others. Non verbal cues may duplicate, underscore, match, oppose or replace verbal communication. It is not easy to read non-verbal cues, and therefore it is hard to gain absolute understanding of what a person is actually communicating. In my future posts, I will post some techniques to handle effective communications in the context of emotional intelligence.
Let me share a practical scenario that we all might have encountered in our professional life. Usually during any brainstorming session people get argumentative and emotions run high. It becomes difficult for the facilitator to keep discussions on track. What you can try is to pause discussions and ask people to share what kind of emotion they are feeling and why. Once people recognize their emotional state and get some time to reflect on it, they tend to think more rationally and emotionally charged arguments settle down. Give a small break and then continue with the discussion. Chances are that you will have much more fruitful brainstorming.
Let me know your experiences...   

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sraj said...

greetings sir,
this subject is very interesting and yes understanding emotional intelligence do help us in knowing the person on whom we are reflecting our emotions. i too have have come across the state where an argument between me and the other person was about to become steamy but as soon as i paused ans said something in favor of the opposite person the person automatically became calm and the session took a new turn and later the overall topic was won in my favor with no other people opposing it but appreciating my opinion.
hence i think during any session where an argument is steaming up it is essential to know the other persons opinion think over it and also one need to speak in favor of it even when u feel its wrong or incorrect just to attract little attention of other person and then pull him towards agreeing to your opinion.

this is what i have understood little about your blog on emotional intelligence.

i would like to know more on emotional intelligence.

thank you