Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My Point of View on Success

A friend has requested me to share my thoughts on Success. Here they are -

For me, success is an absolute phenomenon (and not a relative one) i.e. we often compare our social /  financial status, circumstances and state of mind with others to relatively decide if we are successful or not. I see success as "Performing to the Best of Your Capabilities". Now the question comes to mind - "How do I know if I am performing to the best of my capabilities?". I have found two effective methods - one, striving to do better than before; and second, having trusted mentors. A good mentor can inspire you and your capabilities to reach the next level 'in the right direction'. 

When it comes to success, I have strongly started believing in "Define your goal or direction; focus and put your sincere efforts; have perseverance to overcome troubles / failures; and most importantly enjoy your journey". You can only influence outcome to the extent of sincere efforts along with the decisions made to maintain the right direction to adapt to the changing environment. Then if the outcome is favorable -You Win; and if the outcome is unfavorable - you learn & You still Win. 

For me now what I get at the end of the journey is not as important as what I become in the process of reaching my destination. 

End of the day, I believe that if you are in Joy and at peace with yourself (not a short term but a long term view) - you are doing just fine. As long as your purpose is noble, intentions are pure and efforts are sincere, you will become what you were born to do. Make your contributions (however small) to change  this world a better place. Best Wishes.... arunb  

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