Wednesday, April 27, 2011

'Joy Mantras' for Joyful Living

‘Joy Mantras’ are the building blocks of “Art of Joyful Living”. Joy Mantras are eternal – gifted to us by Mother Nature. We have uncovered them through curiosity of learning from anyone anywhere existing in any form in the nature. Some of the 'Joy Mantras' are from thousands of years of research and experimentation our sages have done and documented. Some are directly from mother nature, and some are uncovered during our journey within.
'Joy Mantras' provide all the Yantras needed for 'Joyful Living': the map, the compass, the vehicle and the fuel  for your journey from where you are to where you want to be. 'Joy Mantras' also contain the knowledge of how to use these Yantras. Before bringing them to you, we have internalized them, practiced them and experimented with them. What we call ‘Joy Mantras’ are the distillation of years of learning and practicing "Art of Joyful Living".  
‘Joy Mantras’ transcend boundaries of religion, region, physical form, and languages. ‘Joy Mantras’ are applicable to all, irrespective of our goals and purpose in life.  'Joy Mantras'  belong to all, and they have in them divine power to transcend all to “True Joyful Beings”.  
As they belong to all – we want to share the ‘Joy Mantras’ with ALL. We believe that when purpose is noble, intentions are pure and efforts are sincere; mysterious coincidences happen and magic gets created. Let us see when our paths cross.

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